Euroleges Law Firm, together with the colleagues of dMTV Law Firm, wishes you a successful 2018 full of challenges and opportunities.

Now, in such a thoroughly interconnected world we are not only able to provide legal advice in the field of national, European and international commerce but also to “accompany” our clients in a broader sense by providing consultancy services with different countries specific focuses and according to their respective legal system. These countries include – for example – Spain, Malta, Ireland, Estonia, the Baltic Republics, Switzerland and other geographically farther located countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, China, Argentina and Iran. Each of these geographical areas offers different specific advantages ranging from the advanced Estonian digital developments to the Maltese competitiveness and new investment opportunities created by the new Chinese Silk Road called “Belt and Road”.

Our good head for the international matters and our eclecticism enables us to assist our Clients with unparalleled trust and passion and on an utmost professional level in line with the rapid developments.

Living in a fast changing world, the upcoming year will see us particularly attentive to emerging challenges, not always correctly weighed by our Clients in terms of their importance. It is unavoidable to mention the entry into force of the new legislation on Privacy, the Cybersecurity related issues and finally the increasingly rapid development of Artificial Intelligence that poses new and yet undiscovered legal challenges.

With our kindest regards.

Euroleges ®