Euroleges Law Firm, together with the colleagues of dMTV Law Firm, wishes you a successful 2018 full of challenges and opportunities. Now, in such a thoroughly interconnected world we are not only able to provide legal advice in the field of national, European and international commerce but also to “accompany” our clients in a broader… Read More

The Silk Road is an evocative name, which traces back to that commercial route which connected the ancient China to ancient Rome and on which silk and other goods were transported for thousand kilometers. Nowadays China 中国 is imposing itself more and more as a nation able to greatly influence the international scenario and its… Read More

Many entrepreneurs are worried about recovering their credits against debtors located in China. There are many reasons behind this concern, from the geographical, cultural, linguistic and juridical distance and the fear to cope with very high fees of an international law firm. First of all the saying “prevention is better than a cure” is something… Read More