The resumption of business travel

The last year and a half pandemic restrictions prevented from travelling and face-to-face meetings. The activity of the Firm have been carried mainly via digital meetings but finally this period seems over.

We have fully recovered the activities in presence between Estonia, Finland and Italy, leaving the digital meetings as residual.

Our activity never stopped but it lowered due to the uncertainty of the economic operators facing the unpredictable situation and constant last minute changes of the anti-pandemic rules at any level: National, regional and local.

Conference about Estonia

Euroleges promoted, together with the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council of Turin, the conference “Business opportunities in Estonia” held in May. The event had the patronage of the Estonian Embassy in Italy and of the ICC Eesti of which we are the correspondents in Italy.

As a Law Firm we provided a Country focus. We had then the expertise and case history directly from the CEOs of three leading companies in the Baltic market: the Italian Estonian Alpi Eesti (Albini & Pitigliani Group), Nortal and Tallink.

Estonia as gateway to Finland

The meeting focused also on Estonia as a gateway to the northern European market. From a tax and bureaucracy point of view, Estonia is the most efficient country in the entire area and one of the first in European Union.

Another important advantage of Estonia is that it allows a fast and convenient access to the Finnish market.

Excellent relations link the two Countries as well as trade and logistical connections. Helsinki – Tallinn sea channel is the most important in terms of volumes after the English one.

Meeting with the Ambassador in Tallinn

With the lifting of travel restrictions, thanks to the EU Green Pass, it was also finally possible to meet the new Ambassador of Italy in Tallinn to discuss and promote both commercial and cultural relations between Italy and Estonia.

Franchising in Estonia

If you are interested in entering the Baltic market we want to share a previous news of ours, published in cooperation with Assofranchising, about Franchising in Estonia.

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