The photographic exhibition “Here They Fought! 1914 – 1918 on the First World War trail”, partially sponsored by Euroleges Law Firm, arrives to its tenth stage. Having become an international success, it will be inaugurated on 14th November 2017 at 6 pm at the prestigious Commenda di Pré Museum in the Old port of Genoa. The Genoa edition inaugurates the second edition of the exhibition, enriched by numerous shots depicting the battlefields of World War I in seven different nations.

Euroleges shares the values and the spirit of European integration and promotion of peace underlined in the exhibition.

The initiative gained permission to use the official logo of the First World War Centenary by the Bureu for the anniversaries of national interest of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. It is also under the patronage of the European Commission and many other entities such as the Italian Alpine Club, the National Alpine Association, Erasmus Student Network Italy, the Tourism Agency Slovenia, the Committee Alpini Group Milano Centro Giulio Bedeschi, the Poti Miru v Posočju Foundation, The International Propeller Club – Port of Milan and the Historical White War Society.

In cooperation with:

Maritime Museum of Genoa | MU.MA, Museum of the Commenda di Pré, Promoter Association for Maritime Museums, Cooperative Solidarietà e Lavoro.

With the support of:

The Standard Syndicate, OmLog SA the Art of Logistics, Permajet professional inkjet media and Labitalia S.r.l.

The book:

The author’s photographic work was collected in a publication of the important Hoepli publishing house. The book is not a simple catalogue, but it contains a historical introduction featuring vintage photographs, a time line of the Great War, a photographic portfolio, and finally an atlas with maps to help readers trace the sites of the Great War. The book will be presented at the Commenda on 25th (Saturday) November while in Milan the presentation is scheduled on the 23rd at Hoepli Editorial House. The cover and outline of the book is available on the dedicated Hoepli web page.

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