Malta is a state member of the European Union that offers operative advantages at the enterprises. Together with Ireland and Estonia, Malta is one of those small size States that decided to reduce bureaucracy.

If you think of these Countries as a fiscal paradises this is not the case. These Countries are all members of the European Union that made of stability and competitiveness their main flag.

Malta, amongst the various kind of benefits, offers a fiscal system that allows the foreign shareholders of a Maltese company to have a cashback up to 6/7 of the payed taxes on the distribution of profits. This system is studied to increase foreign investments in the Country. The same principle applies to physical persons from abroad or person living in Malta but “domiciled” abroad (under Maltese definition of domicile).

Malta juridical system has influences by both the Civil Law and the Common Law tradition. The British influence made Malta to have two official languages, Maltese and English. The entrepreneur looking for workers can rely on full English speaking staff without the need to pay higher salaries for the linguistic skills.

Maltese government is constantly engaged to attract to the Country new capitals. The investors will be able to benefit of many advantages like fiscal incentives or fixed renting fees for the industrial plants.

The Government selected some key areas of investment that will have special measures to attract those companies in it. For example the manufacture sectors with an high added value, pharmaceutical, medical devices, fashion, creative industry, ITC and many other even more classical ones like the maritime industry.

For sure, any economical operation in Malta requires, as any other international operation, an accurate fiscal and legal planning in order to reduce and avoid risks.

Apart from being a business friendly country, Malta is also a very sunny place surrounded by one of the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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