The Silk Road is an evocative name, which traces back to that commercial route which connected the ancient China to ancient Rome and on which silk and other goods were transported for thousand kilometers.

Nowadays China 中国 is imposing itself more and more as a nation able to greatly influence the international scenario and its influence is growing both at economic and military level.

In 2013 the Chinese President Xi Jinping 习近平 announced the colossal project  to build a new Silk Road which in 21st century will revolutionize  the economic  equilibrium of all the interested zones directly influencing  also Europe and Italy.

Thanks to the building of these impressive railway bridges all the Euro Asiatic continent will be crossed, directly connecting Europe and West Russia to China through several directions.

A truly revolution of worldwide transport which will involve transports both by railway and by sea.

In 2015 the Asian Infrastructure Investment bank (AIIB) has been established. To its governance attend more than 40 states amongst which also Italy. AIIB has the purpose to provide for the infrastructural  needs of the project ranging from the environment, energy, logistic, transport, telecommunications and many more  other sectors.

The first train which travelled along this long round itinerary started from YIWU and arrived in Madrid after having crossed Kazakhstan, Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Germany and France.

Is it opportunity or danger? Undoubtedly, it represents an enormous opportunity also for Italy provided this country will manage to understand it and catch it.

The port of destination of the Silk Road in its sea transit has been identified in Trieste along all relevant constructions there are both opportunities of direct investments and possibilities for the industries to cooperate revamping the railway sector but not only.

Of these gigantic projects all the countries along the route will take benefit and the European Union establishing bilateral agreements to the purpose of making exchanges easier.

In this contest insert itself as well the historic agreement EU- Vietnam to eliminate in the next ten years the excise duties between this country and EU, which we have already mentioned in a specific news.

A project  which is known among the players as  “one belt one road “ the silk road of the 21st century,  destined  to overturn  the equilibriums of the areas and of which the media do not mention sufficiently enough.

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