The departure of the delicate mission, co-sponsored by Euroleges Law Firm, to the “forgotten” WWI Oriental Front is scheduled on 27 January. The cultural purpose it is multiple. From one side the photographic objective will be focused on the traces of Italian soldiers of the Italian Kingdom fallen in captivity under Austro-Hungarian empire and on the other hand on Soldiers of Italian ethnicity but of Austro-Hungarian Citizenship who were sent to fight on the Russian front.

The further aim is to remember, through a rhetorical-less spirit, all the dead soldiers during the First World War, with a European look and perspective, bringing into memory what Europe was before the process of unification. Euroleges does want to underline, with the sensibility of a Law Firm, how Law has evolved towards a deep process of uniformity thanks to the birth of Europe as an approaching procedure between Countries, facilitating European citizens’ lives and guaranteeing peace in 27 member States, from more than 70 years. This is an aspect which is now taken for granted or forgotten by citizens and Media, who tend to tacitly incentivize nationalism thinking.

The Mission, carried out on board of an off-road vehicle, will go through 7 Countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

The photographic project “Here they fought! 1914-1918 On the First World War Trails” is sponsored by European Commission through the representation offices of Italy and Slovenia. It is authorized by the Italian Government body of the Council of Ministers for the anniversaries of national interest to use the official logo of the commemorations Centenary of the Great War. It is also sponsored by the Italian Mountain Club, Alpini National Association, Erasmus Student Network Italy, Slovenian National Tourism Board, War Centenary Commitee of the Alpini Group of Milan, Poti Miru v Posočju Fundation, The International Propeller Club – Port of Milan and by the Historical Association for the White War.

Sincere thanks to the other sponsor: OMLog SA “The Art of Logistics”, ITS International Trade Services e PermaJet Professional Inkjet Media – LabItalia.

The official page of the photographic exhibition is available at the following link.

For any information or sponsorship cooperation proposals, feel free to contact us.

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