Madrid, the popular Car Sharing App, known as BlaBlaCar, faces legal problems. the company owner of the well-known App and two of its users are Under proceeding. The accuse for the users is to operate in the breach of articles 140.2 and 141.7 of the Ley de Ordenación del Transporte Terrestre (LOTT). Sanctions are of around 800 and 4000 €. The charge, firmly rejected by the Company, is that the users offered lifts for a price higher than the simple cost coverage. This is the first time a sanction is applied against this App in Europe. The problems of BlaBlaCar in Spain are not yet over, in May 2015 the Bus Confederation, Confederación Española de Transporte por Autobús (Confebus), sued BlaBlaCar for unfair competition. BlaBlaCar is now waiting the sentence of the Commercial Court of Madrid (Juzgado de lo Mercantil). It has to be said that the Court, at the beginning of this year, rejected the precautionary suspension of the App not recognizing the conditions to concede it. It seems that this popular App, that gives economic relief to many users, entered into the target of the Madrid Community presided by Cristina Cifuentes. More than the above mentioned reasons, the Community of Madrid, charged the Company of the App also for obstruction to the inspective activity of the local Consejería de Transportes.

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