Roaming: From 15th June of this year we will be able to travel around the European Union without having to face the extra costs related to our mobile phones. We will be able to send SMS, to call and surfing internet using our domestic rates without extra costs.

This is one of the European Union biggest customer protection success. We already talked about it with a specific post one year ago, as on the 30th April 2016 the roaming rates were further more reduced. Since this year in June, it will be possible to say a complete goodbye to the leftover tariffs and to every extra charge for the telephony while abroad but inside the European Union.

Being this regulation only enforceable in-between the EU Members states we strongly suggest to pay the maximum attention when you go outside the Union as, being outside the protective EU umbrella, you can risk unfair and huge charges.

If you wish to have a better frame about the end of roaming and about the possible exceptions, we suggest to read the FAQ prepared by the EU Commission following this link.

European Union is also engaged on more fronts to get to its citizens an easier life. EU is developing the project of a single digital market that will allow the customers to avoid geo-blocks that prevent the use of the digital services when abroad in another member state.

If you are interested also in the single digital market issue we suggest you to read the previous post about it.

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