A good news for the European Citizens comes before the summer. Getting closer to the final aim of the European Union policy about telecommunications and digital world, from next 30th of April, the Roaming tariffs will face a new stronger limit. The customer travelling in another European country, using its mobile phone to call, to send text messages or data packages (using internet), from this Saturday will not spend more than this new tariffs:

Outgoing voice calls (per minute) domestic price + up to €0.05

Incoming voice calls (per minute) domestic price + up to €0.01

Outgoing texts (per text) domestic price + up to €0.02

Online (data download, per MB) domestic price + up to €0.05

From 2017, 15th June any roaming tariff will be banned having no extra roaming fee applying the same domestic price even when abroad in another European Country.

The phone operator is also bound to advice via SMS the customer that goes abroad on the enforceable tariffs. Willing to protect against excessive data roaming bills, the volume of downloaded data on mobile devices is capped, worldwide, at €50, unless a different limit has been agreed with the operator.

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