Cyberbullying is a sharply expanding phenomenon that has not yet defined univocally. The European Commission in 2009 defined it as “repeated verbal or psychological harassment carried out by an individual or a group against others through online services and mobile phones”. Cyberbullying, or more aptly “digital abuse”, has the following elements: ·         Use of electronic… Read More

With its entry into force on 25th May 2018, the new Privacy regulation of the EU intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all citizens and residents of the European Union, within and also outside the territory of the European Union. The harmonisation of the different EU regulations on privacy started with the previous… Read More

The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and a hot topic for discussion but what is it? In essence, it is simply a database, a ledger of any virtually recordable information (for example the transfer of Bitcoins) that constitute the ‘blocks’, which are then ‘chained’ together to form a cohesive record of that information. Why is it… Read More

Madrid, the popular Car Sharing App, known as BlaBlaCar, faces legal problems. the company owner of the well-known App and two of its users are Under proceeding. The accuse for the users is to operate in the breach of articles 140.2 and 141.7 of the Ley de Ordenación del Transporte Terrestre (LOTT). Sanctions are of… Read More

When we talk about Estonia we talk of one of the three Baltic Republics but it is not just that. It is one of the most tax-free states in Europe and is on the forefront from a point of view of digital infrastructures. A state that, together with Ireland, is a potential alternative to United… Read More