Euroleges Law Firm presents an evening dedicated to Estonia and the Baltic and Nordic Republics at the International Propeller Club – Port of Milan. The colleagues of dMTV Law Firm will follow elaborating on and exploring the opportunities offered by Malta and Vietnam.

The evening will be entirely devoted to the foreign markets. The event will start with a country-specific focus on Estonia as a gateway to the Baltic and Northern markets. The presentation will address, through a brief introduction, the competitive Estonian economic and fiscal system and its strategic position in the Baltic and Nordic regions. The innovative “e-residency” digital residence system will be introduced, which operates remotely in Estonia as a system implemented by the government in order to overcome bureaucracy and physical displacement by promoting entrepreneurship. Furthermore, there will also be a presentation of a case history of company from the Netherlands. This company produces in China and has a warehouse in Estonia to supply the Baltic and Finnish market demands arising from e-commerce. Finally, the event will elaborate on the port system of the port of Tallinn. The speakers will include Abg. Alessio Franconi together with the guest of the evening, Estonian partner Mr. Tambet Made, CEO of ITS International Trade Services.

Afterwards, there will be a presentation dedicated to Vietnam and Malta: including the “Access to ASEAN” and also the related “Business Hubs”. This brief introduction will fit the context of the previous presentation by providing a key for the interpretation of the two other foreign economies. Vietnam as a strong and secure country is attracting more and more foreign investments. It is in the centre of the ASEAN area and has signed a free-trade agreement with the European Union, technically finalised but still in the final phase of ratification. The opportunities that these two factors offer to Italian companies are utterly important. The country is furthermore interested in the “Belt and Road” project as far as maritime connections are concerned. Malta is part of the European Union as well as the Commonwealth. It has a favourable tax system, although it is not considered to be a tax haven. The country’s interesting trust regulation will also be mentioned briefly. Being a growing economy and having a good manufacturing sector, especially in high-tech sectors, the country serves as the crossroads for international trade.

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