Blockchain & Copyright

Technology and innovation became two strategic factors for the photography sector.

“The advent of internet and the digital era changed deeply the world of photography. Whereas the photographic language had an almost universal expansion, on the other hand, the possibility of affirming and protecting copyright seems to have been almost nullified.

However, at the frontier of the digital era, a technological revolution is developing: blockchain. Blockchain could indeed represent a game changer for the photography sector opening new perspectives in the field of copyright protection. We will speak about it with professional photographers and protagonists of the digital innovation”.

Mr. Alessio Franconi, lawyer and photographer, had his speech with a complete perspective about copyright protection, from the creation of the photographic work to the copyright enforcement before the courts.

When and where:

Milano Photo Week 2019

Doxa Palace

h 17.30 – 19.00

Bartolomeo Panizza Street, n. 7

Official website of the even: Milano Photo Week 2019