Conterence at Campidoglio about how Erasmus effects the working life.

On Thursday 14th November at Council Room of Rome’s City Hall it was held the opening of ICE 2019 – Erasmus Cultural Meeting. The promoter was Erasmus Student Network Italy. The Conference’s focus was “Erasmus Aftermovie: life after the Erasmus experience”.

Erasmus Student Network is an association operative in 41 countries. The network counts about 40,000 volunteers offering each year help and support to about 350,000 international students, mainly Erasmus ones.

Alessio Franconi attended as a speaker representing Euroleges Law Firm.

ESN Italy’s stakeholders and institutions

The conference involved all main ESN’s national stakeholders working with international mobility such as: Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+/INDIRE, the European Commission Representative Office in Italy, the European Parliament, the National Agency for Youth, the National Youth Council and the Capital City Hall representatives.

Chairman of the conference was Stefano Ferrante, Journalist and TV Host at LA7.

The International and National Presidents of ESN, together with the Rome’s Councillor Enrico Stefàno, opened the conference.

The conference aimed to give a glance on how the European Union programs, in particular the Erasmus Project, can benefit the working life of people and enterprises.

The professionals at direct contact with the Erasmus world

Alessandro Damiani, President of the Agency for the promotion of the European Research programs, offered a panoramic over researchers’ and scientists’ mobility. He also spotted how Italy should be more attractive and more attentive to the young scientists needs.

Alessio Franconi focused his speech on how experiences abroad changed his working perspectives. How this acquired forma mentis became his professional vocation behind Euroleges Law Firm. He offered a panoramic on how the European Union Law can provide benefit to European people and enterprises. How European Union Law is a key interest for a Country such as Italy that is devoted to export its products. He also described how the Erasmus project helped him developing many professional connections that nowadays allow the firm to be operative in Spain, Italy and Estonia. He closed his speech talking about the spirit of his reportages, a way to remember the founding reasons of the European Union Treaties.

During the conference, the representative of Garage Erasmus made a speech. A foundation that has the task to help former Erasmus Students to find a job.

Giovanni Sfarra, young film director, described the terrible moments he lived during the earthquake in the city of Aquila. He noticed, though the devastation occurred to the city and its people, how the ESN volunteers kept taking care of the foreign student community helping them in any possible way. He made a documentary called Aquilasmus to testify that solidarity spirit.

The chairman Stefano Ferrante closed the conference with an enthusiastic conclusive speech.

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