The resumption of business travel The last year and a half pandemic restrictions prevented from travelling and face-to-face meetings. The activity of the Firm have been carried mainly via digital meetings but finally this period seems over. We have fully recovered the activities in presence between Estonia, Finland and Italy, leaving the digital meetings as… Read More


Cybercrime If you think of a traditional robbery or at a physical intrusion in a company for industrial espionage, you are probably thinking at old ways to commit crimes. Physical presence carries a much greater risk than a criminal conduct perpetrated through the digital means. That is why crime is changing and Cybercrime becomes more… Read More

covid contratti

Covid and force majeure Covid pandemic has changed normal daily lives of people and enterprises. The stop of almost all the activities has created numerous problems in relation to a broad spectrum of legal situations. Many people and enterprises are unable to fulfil their obligations.   The Emergency state When can it be considered the… Read More

scena crimine

Crime scene Euroleges Law Firm is behind a mission of a popular Italian war reporter. Thanks to our professional network developed along the years it was possible to enter into the dark past of the Jugoslav regime. In Slovenia, a Government Commission investigates the massacres made by the Tito regime. Mass killings that executed under… Read More

estonia franchising

Franchising in Estonia Baltic Republics, Estonia in particular, represent a vivid business reality not so well known abroad. Recently Estonia emerged as one of the most digital advanced states in the world thanks to its e-Residency program and the “ban” to a complicate bureaucracy. A way to enter Franchising agreements can be a good opportunity… Read More


Conterence at Campidoglio about how Erasmus effects the working life. On Thursday 14th November at Council Room of Rome’s City Hall it was held the opening of ICE 2019 – Erasmus Cultural Meeting. The promoter was Erasmus Student Network Italy. The Conference’s focus was “Erasmus Aftermovie: life after the Erasmus experience”. Erasmus Student Network is… Read More