What is Blockchain? Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT is essentially a database that is shared across a network that maintains an immutable record. Security and accuracy of the database is ensured by cryptography and the use of ‘private keys’ and electronic signatures. What are some of its concrete implications? The application of DLTs… Read More


Estonia, an avant-garde country. Estonia is a small but extremely competitive and well managed country. Achieving complete independence in 1991 and joining the European Union in 2004 provided impetus and support to a population with a strong desire of economic growth. For the past thirty years Estonia has been teaching information technology to its youth… Read More

malta passport

Malta is a safe Country for people and assets. In times of international insecurity, it may become essential to protect our family members and our assets in a safe and convenient way on an international territory that guarantees the protection of a strict rule of law. Malta has introduced residency and citizenship programs that encourage… Read More

redigere contratto - contract

The harmful risks of a do-it-yourself contract. SMEs often do not rely on a lawyer to draft commercial contracts, incurring in high-level risks that may cause serious damage to the enterprise. Be it a domestic or an international contract, there are always certain clauses and regulations that have to be inserted or complied with. These… Read More

cyber bullismo

Bullies in the modern world are not restricted to schools, gyms and other public places. With the technological advancement and the ever-wider use of the internet, bullies found their way to social media, a place where they can take their victims 24/7. Writing cruel comments, uploading unflattering photos or videos, creating online bashing groups or… Read More


Cyberbullying is a sharply expanding phenomenon that has not yet defined univocally. The European Commission in 2009 defined it as “repeated verbal or psychological harassment carried out by an individual or a group against others through online services and mobile phones”. Cyberbullying, or more aptly “digital abuse”, has the following elements: ·         Use of electronic… Read More