Have you ever heard about great projects of new economy such as Skype, Transferwise, Playtech, smart ID card, e-residency, … subcontracting for electronics and ICT industries, world’s most innovative banking platforms and more? All these are created and developed in Estonia.

The well-established e-Estonia project means signing a legally-binding contract over the Internet, from anywhere in the world, via your mobile phone or entrepreneurs can register businesses in as little as 18 minutes, check vital company, property and legal records online, and even integrate their own secure services with the ones offered by the state. These are just a few of the services that Estonians take advantage of on a regular basis.

Interaction among government agencies, and between the government and citizens, has been completely transformed with e-Estonia, quickly making bureaucracy a thing of the past and making the running of all levels of government more efficient than ever before.

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