The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and a hot topic for discussion but what is it? In essence, it is simply a database, a ledger of any virtually recordable information (for example the transfer of Bitcoins) that constitute the ‘blocks’, which are then ‘chained’ together to form a cohesive record of that information. Why is it… Read More

Yesterday in the Milan office a seminar was held aimed at raising awareness to the topic of Cyber Security. Effective Cyber Security is by now an essential requirement for everyone, be it a natural person or a legal entity. The lack of attention given to this matter creates dangerous pitfalls, which in some cases could… Read More

Cyber Security might seem like a distant topic considered solely by experts and obscure hackers, however it would be wrong to think that it does not affect us all. Every aspect of human life – ranging from single individuals to the biggest industrial organisations and States as well – is greatly affected by digital reality.… Read More

Euroleges Law Firm, together with the colleagues of dMTV Law Firm, wishes you a successful 2018 full of challenges and opportunities. Now, in such a thoroughly interconnected world we are not only able to provide legal advice in the field of national, European and international commerce but also to “accompany” our clients in a broader… Read More

The photographic exhibition “Here They Fought! 1914 – 1918 on the First World War trail”, partially sponsored by Euroleges Law Firm, arrives to its tenth stage. Having become an international success, it will be inaugurated on 14th November 2017 at 6 pm at the prestigious Commenda di Pré Museum in the Old port of Genoa. The Genoa edition… Read More

Have you ever heard of a Trust? The Trust is a fiduciary obligation in the Common Law and is governed by the different systems that belong to this system in a more or less uniform manner. In Civil Law countries, such as Italy, the Trust is recognized by the Hague Convention, but it remains a… Read More