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Euroleges Law Firm comes from the passion for the law and the globalization processes in a world that, thanks to the ever increasing technological development, it is necessarily global. Euroleges is a reference during developing processes and protection of interests that involve different laws and jurisdictions of different countries. Particular attention is given to a system of up to the minute news coming from the different geographical areas of interest.

Our core business is to offer full judicial and extrajudicial assistance to enterprises and privates in the fields of, both domestic and international, commercial law, contract drafting, company law and civil law without leaving out topical fields such as privacy law and computer forensics.

Particularly the Firm is directly operative in Italy, Spain and in the Baltic Republics. Thanks to a trusted network of professionals and to working relationship developed through the years, the Firm can be quickly operative in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Switzerland and Malta.


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Conference at Rome’s City Hall: How Erasmus improves working life.

Conterence at Campidoglio about how Erasmus effects the working life. On Thursday 14th November at Council Room of Rome’s City Hall it was held the opening of ICE 2019 – Erasmus Cultural Meeting. The promoter was Erasmus Student Network Italy. The Conference’s focus was “Erasmus Aftermovie: life after the Erasmus experience”. Erasmus Student Network is… Read More

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Photography, Copyright & Blockchain

Blockchain & Copyright Technology and innovation became two strategic factors for the photography sector. “The advent of internet and the digital era changed deeply the world of photography. Whereas the photographic language had an almost universal expansion, on the other hand, the possibility of affirming and protecting copyright seems to have been almost nullified. However,… Read More

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From the Great War battlefields to a united Europe.

From the Great War battlefields to a united Europe This is the title of the conference organized by Alessio Franconi in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and which was held on Thursday 25 October 2018 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. A reportage to reflect also about European Union law… Read More

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Brexit is near, what should we do?

Brexit in short After the UK’s vote to leave the EU and consequent notice of withdrawal under Article 50 (2) of the Treaty on European Union, the UK has entered into a two-year negotiation period ending at the latest on 30 March 2019, in which it should – in the best case scenario – smooth… Read More

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Blockchain, an opportunity for investors and authorities.

What is Blockchain? Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT is essentially a database that is shared across a network that maintains an immutable record. Security and accuracy of the database is ensured by cryptography and the use of ‘private keys’ and electronic signatures. What are some of its concrete implications? The application of DLTs… Read More

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The digital era of Estonia.

Estonia, an avant-garde country. Estonia is a small but extremely competitive and well managed country. Achieving complete independence in 1991 and joining the European Union in 2004 provided impetus and support to a population with a strong desire of economic growth. For the past thirty years Estonia has been teaching information technology to its youth… Read More

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